The stunning Catherine McBroom, from one of YouTube’s most famous families, has made millions! The model and now well known YouTuber has made so much money from her channel with Austin and their kids, BUT you’ll be surprised how much of that money they‘ve made, has come from selling their own merchandise.

Ecommerce app Sellfy found that YouTubers like The Ace Family and Jake Paul who sell merch, make up to 10 times MORE revenue than those who rely exclusively on ad revenue! Now that’s huge!

The great thing about selling merch is that anyone can do it - any one of us could start a line of Tshirts or hoodies and inturn, create a really strong brand that could grow into something massive. There are so many examples of individuals who have launched just one T-shirt design and have earned themselves at least six figures in a year and sometimes in just one month!

Let us help you launch your first T-shirt. Your first hoodie. Your first baby onesie. We get you up and running within 24 hours and take no commission from your sales! Click here to find out more.

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